Moon Bowl - Yogi Singing Bowl
Moon Bowl - Yogi Singing Bowl
Moon Bowl - Yogi Singing Bowl
Moon Bowl - Yogi Singing Bowl

Moon Bowl

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  • Hand-hammered and handmade in Nepal
  • Made of 7 traditional metals
  • Antique finish with Master's engraving
  • Bowl measures about 9-9.5 inches diameter, 3.5-4 inches high
  • Bowl weighs about 4.5 pounds or 2 kilograms
  • Includes wooden mallet, drumstick, and a singing bowl cushion (design may vary)

Full Moon Bowls are some of the rarest singing bowls one can find in the market as Full Moon bowls are only made on the full moon nights to ensure that the bowl absorbs the lunar energy. It is believed that we receive the most energy from the moon during the full moon and this energy is associated with purification, fertility, and power in many cultures. In Nepal, the full moon signifies a new beginning and transformation. 

Full Moon Bowl has deep rich harmonics that is perfect for mediation or spiritual and emotional healing. A gentle tap from the wooden mallet will fill the room with serenity. The inside of the bowl is left plain and the outside of the bowl consists of a moon symbol and an engraving. The bowl has Om Mane Padme Hum engraved on one side while there is a moon bowl stamp on the other. 

The bowls are made in Nepal using traditional Tibetan methods. Each bowl will vary in weight and sound, and it may possess some imperfections in designs as they are handcrafted.