1. How to play a Singing Bowl?
  • Place the bowl in your palm and hold it away from your body. Now with the help of the mallet strike the bowl gently. Close your eyes and focus on the sound. Every person will have a unique experience with different sounds.
  • You can also firmly rotate the base of the wooden mallet around the rim of the bowl. With each successive rotation, the volume starts to get louder. Keep playing the bowl with even pressure and constant speed to avoid unpleasant rattle. You may not have immediate result, but you will get better with each try.
  1. Is there a correct stance when playing a bowl?
    Yes, we recommend keeping your spine and wrist straight when playing the bowl. A straight spine will help the vibrations to travel throughout your body and you will get the best result. It is also easier to play the bowl with straight spine and wrist.

  2. How to clean a Singing Bowl?
    Singing Bowls can be cleaned easily with lukewarm water and a piece of clothing. However, we advise you to use a softer material of clothing like cotton so that it does not scratch the surface of the bowl. Also avoid any chemicals when cleaning. Some harsh chemicals will react with the metal on the bowl and will leave a permanent mark.
  1. Why are some bowls more expensive than the others?
    The first thing we have to find is if the bowl is handmade. Handmade bowls are generally more expensive than machine made. After that it is more about the size of the bowls, their designs and even the metals used in making the bowl that determine their prices. But there are some specialty bowls that are only made in special occasions and they are more valuable than other bowls.