About Us

Yogi was founded with a vision of introducing some of the best Singing Bowls that Nepal had to offer. We searched for Singing Bowls with perfect sounds and immaculate designs so that our bowls would not only sound great, but they can be a masterpiece on their own. Along the way, we met with some of the most skilled craftsmen and got a chance to learn about different products and culture. We became certain that just including Singing Bowls in our catalog would not justify the variety of handcrafted products that Nepal offers. So, we teamed up with some of the local vendors and made a collection of some of the most beautiful handicrafts we could find.
We know every product has its own story, and we want to expose these stories to the masses. In this process, we not only introduce people to the tradition and culture of Nepal, but we also help in the revival of this dying art.